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Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the theory that energy, called chi, flows through the body along meridians. It’s believed that illnesses occur when something imbalances the chi. Acupuncture uses very thin needles to puncture the skin at certain parts of the body to help balance the chi. The insertion of the needles produces endorphins helping to decrease the feeling of pain. The overall goal of acupuncture is to reduce pain while increasing blood flow and stimulation in the muscles and nerves. Cupping is also used in the practice of acupuncture to loosen muscles, increase blood flow and sedate the nervous system. 

Acupuncture Price List

Each acupuncture session is 45 minutes long.

  • Acupuncture Session $70
  • Cupping $20
  • Acupuncture + 30 Minute Massage $100
  • Acupuncture + 60 Minute Massage $125


Asthma, anxiety, fibromyalgia, depression, cystitis, headaches, insomnia, irritable bowl syndrome, chronic low back pain, improves blood flow, strengthens immune system

The needles are very thin compared to needles used for injections. You’ll feel very little pressure. Once the needle is in the muscle there should be no pain.

Typically the longer the person has had the condition, the longer the course of treatment. Your therapist will recommend a treatment plan.